[CanTp] Vehicle Diagnostic Communication Part 27 [Simulation 15]

[CanTp] Vehicle Diagnostic Communication Part 27 [Simulation 15]車両診断通信
[CanTp] Vehicle Diagnostic Communication Part 27 [Simulation 15]

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Let’s simulate ISO-TP. series.
From this issue, I will leave Python for a moment and talk about AUTOSAR CanTp.


What’s next?

Did you think the simulation story was over for now because it was sent and received by can-isotp?

There is more to come.
Let’s review the following articles.

We have not yet done the Virtual ECU side of the simulation configuration at all.

The tester side used python-can.
However, it is difficult to use python-can because Virtual ECU will be written in C language.

Therefore, the policy is to control the Vector XL driver library in C.
On its upper layer, we will run a BSW (BaseSoftWare) called AUTOSAR CanTp.



Some of you may not understand AUTOSAR very well.
However, the amount of information is too vast to explain here.
Therefore, please refer to the AUTOSAR page on Wikipedia.

AUTOSAR - Wikipedia

If you can read Japanese, you may want to refer to Vector’s “Beginning AUTOSAR.


The top level is SW-C(SoftWareComponent), which is control-related.
This is not subject to AUTOSAR standardization.

The interface between SW-C and AUTOSAR standardization is RTE (RunTimeEnvironment).
The mechanism part is BSW (BaseSoftWare).
This is the part standardized in AUTOSAR.

And the lowest layer is MCAL (MicroController Abstraction Layer).
Only the interface to BSW is subject to standardization.

For now, you can think of RTE and BSW as the main body of the AUTOSAR specification.



And CanTp is also one of the AUTOSAR BSWs.
CanTp stands for CAN Transport Layer.
This Transport Layer stands for ISO15765-2, which is ISO-TP.
In other words, it is the same layer as Python’s can-isotp.

Previously, can-isotp was responsible for the response side, but it will be replaced by AUTOSAR CanTp from now on.


What to do about MCAL-CANDRV

This time, the CAN part of the physical layer and data link layer is Virtual CAN Bus.
The issue is how to make this part match up.

The XL driver library itself can be accessed from the C language, so it may not be a problem, or it may be a problem.
We will talk about these issues in the next issue.



  • We are now in the AUTOSAR CanTp section!
  • AUTOSAR has a layered structure of SW-C, RTE, BSW, and MCAL.
  • AUTOSAR CanTp is one of BSW and reproduces ISO 15765-2.

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