[CanTp] Vehicle Diagnostic Communication Part 14 [Simulation 2]

[CanTp] Vehicle Diagnostic Communication Part 14 [Simulation 2] 車両診断通信
[CanTp] Vehicle Diagnostic Communication Part 14 [Simulation 2]

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Let’s simulate ISO-TP. series.
Let’s start with the explanation from the setup of Virtual CAN Bus.

Preparing the Virtual CAN Bus

The first step is to arrange for a Virtual CAN Bus.
I mentioned before that Vector has released it free of charge, and specifically, it is a function included in the XL-Driver-Library.

The original function of the XL driver library itself is a set of libraries to control various interfaces manufactured by Vector.
Part of this functionality includes the “Virtual CAN Bus”.
If you search for “XL Driver Library” from Vector’s download center, you will find it.
Also, you will need “Vector Driver Setup”.
Note that this is a Windows-only function.

Check the installation of Virtual CAN Bus

First, let’s check if Virtual CAN Bus is properly installed.
You will see “Vector Hardware” added to the control panel.
Start it and check that the Virtual CAN Bus has been added to the Hardware section.

Check the operation of Virtual CAN Bus

Here we will check the operation.
In “All Programs” from the Windows Start menu, you will find “Vector XL Driver Library”.
There is an application called “xlCANcontrol” in the “Samples” section.

Depending on your environment, you may get ” on HW!

This is because the configuration assumes that the actual Vector device is connected.
In this case, it is necessary to reassign the device to be assigned to xlCANcontrol in Vector Hardwear from the control panel as described earlier.


Let’s start xlCANcontrol again.
If there are no errors, press the Send button.
It will behave as if something is working.

Once this has been confirmed, the setup of XL-Driver-Library and Virtual CAN Bus is OK.


  • We installed Vector’s free XL Driver Library and Vector Driver Setup.
  • There is an application called xlCANControl in the XL Driver Library, so it is a quick way to check the operation.
  • You can assign channels to each app, so you need to assign them in VectorHardware in the control panel.

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