[CAN-FD] Vehicle Diagnostic Communication Part 96 [AUTOSAR 1]

[CAN-FD] Vehicle Diagnostic Communication Part 96 [AUTOSAR 1]車両診断通信
[CAN-FD] Vehicle Diagnostic Communication Part 96 [AUTOSAR 1]

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The policy for simulation of CAN-FD in AUTOSAR will be explained.


Simulation Policy

I plan to simulate the CAN-FD version of AUTOSAR-CanTp.
However, we already have a combined CanTp and Dcm, so we will only need to do one simulation.



The AUTOSAR CanTp and Dcm used previously are as follows.

  • CanTp is A-ComStack, r4.x series.
  • Dcm is OpenSAR, r3.x series.

CanTp is also included in OpenSAR, but the use of A-ComStack for the r4.x series was foreshadowed for this article.
OpenSAR is an r3.x series, but the r3.x series does not contain the CAN-FD specification to begin with.
A-ComStack’s r4.x series includes the CAN-FD specification.
And since Dcm does not care whether the lower layer is CAN or CAN-FD, it does not matter whether it is r3.x or r4.x.

In other words, we used A-ComStack, the r4.x series CanTp, for the use of CAN-FD.
OK! Safe foreshadowing!


Flow of doing

The following flow will be explained and then the simulation will be performed.

(1) Configuration of CanTp for CAN-FD
(2) Configuration of Dcm
(3) Simulation

Dcm should not be CAN or CAN-FD dependent, but I will make some adjustments.
I will explain this while going through the CanTp configuration, since it is not a big deal.


Simulation configuration

The simulation configuration is the same as for CAN.

Overall UDS Simulation Configuration,Dcm is not multi-channel compatible due to specifications.Pre-emption specification seems to be implemented, but it is not used this time.Python,diagnostic request,isotp,python-can,can.logger,Virtual CAN BUS,exe,Test program ECU side,Dcm,CanTp,Channel(1),Transmission(1)18DAF110,Received(2)18DA10F1,CanDrv

Even if CAN becomes CAN-FD, there is not much to be changed.
The logical specifications themselves have only changed from a maximum of 8 bytes to a maximum of 64 bytes, and each layer absorbs the differences in specifications, so there is not much to do as it goes to the higher layers.

I think it’s really well done.



  • The policy is to do AUTOSAR-CanTp and AUTOSAR-Dcm CAN-FD simulations at once.
  • The reason for using A-ComStack in r4.x for CanTp was to support CAN-FD. (Foreshadowing!)
  • The simulation configuration is exactly the same as for CAN.
    • Benefit of layered architecture.

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